Enigma Horsehair Jewellery

Jewellery Care & FAQs




ALL joins on my jewellery are soldered unless clearly stated otherwise. All braid ends are stitched, glued, and fitted tightly into end caps ensuring a very strong connection. All metals are genuine precious metals, either 925 sterling silver or 9ct or 18ct gold as stated. Many of my designs are unique as they are free drawn by myself and handcrafted by me.


Horse hair needs similar care to our own hair, it is very strong but can snag and will also be damaged by harsh chemicals especially acetone (nail varnish remover) and bleaches. To ensure longevity of your horsehair jewellery you should treat it carefully. Avoid wearing on the same wrist as metal items such as watches as this can snag the hairs. If a hair does come loose you can cut it off carefully.

It can be washed gently with a mild shampoo - I use Body Shop shampoos. Avoid leaving it by a radiator, drying with a hairdryer or other heat source as the heat can melt the glue in the end caps. Also avoid any harsh chemicals such as acetones and bleaches as these can damage the hair and resin/glue. The silver or gold can be kept nice by wiping over periodically with a silver cloth available from most jewellers or online.

Any of the inlaid items (rings, bangles etc) can be resin coated for extra protection if you wish. I highly recommend this in the case of rings that are to be worn regularly.


I would like an item that isn't on your website do you do make to order?

Yes absolutely, I love working with peoples own ideas! Please email me to discuss/get pricing.

Can the bracelet be lengthened/shortened?

Yes, I can usually lengthen bracelets by adding an extension chain and shorten by removing the caps and trimming down. All braids are made accurately to your individual measurements so do ensure these are correct. There is a charge of £5 plus postage for this service. Rings, bangles and cuffs require a lot more work which can be costly if they have stones set so it is imperative that the measurements for these are correct. I send ring sizers and bangles sizers out when an order is placed.

Can the item be repaired?

Usually this would be possible but it does depend on the type of damage so please email to discuss.

Can I use hair from more than one horse?

Yes, you can use hair from several horses if you wish and it makes a nice braid to use different colours.

Will you return any unused hair?

Yes, I return unused hair as standard, if you would prefer me to keep it for future orders please let me know.

I only have a small amount of hair is it still possible to have an item made?

Yes, there are various possibilities : rings, earrings, stockpins, can all be made with short sections of hair. For very short hair/mane hair/coat hair I can make any of the inlaid rings/bangles, cuffs or pendants with the hair set in crystal resin, or any of the items in the Crystal Resin collection. These are also suitable for cremation ashes.

Do I have to have my own horse?

No, I keep a small amount of stock hair in black, grey and brown from my own horses.

How long will my order take?

This depends on time of year with Christmas orders needing to be in as early as possible. I aim to get jewellery made and dispatched in a short time but as it is all handmade by myself you will be advised of timing when you place your order. If timing is crucial then please email in the first instance to check I am able to meet your dates.

Do I need to wash the hair before sending?

Yes, it is against EU health and safety regulations to post unwashed hair.

My horse has passed away and I’m worried in case the hair gets lost?

Please send by recorded delivery if the hair is irreplaceable and keep a little of the hair back. It is very rare but not impossible that it could get lost by the postal service. I always notify people when the hair has arrived.

Any other questions please feel free to ask!